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ListWise is the best email list cleaning and email verification service. Verifies every email address and removes all invalid email addresses from your lists.

Tips for Building your List

Tips for Building your List

There is no point having brilliant content for email marketing if you don’t have the ideal email list to send the content out to. If your list doesn’t have enough email addresses of the relevant audiences you might as well not have that brilliant content writer on board. There are many ways in which you …

Strategy for a Clean Email Marketing

Fine-tuning Your Strategy for a Clean Email Marketing Contact List

Some businesses keep concise and intimate customer email databases; others want to go with large lists of relative strangers who appeal to the company. No matter what you prefer, most email marketing software, such as Maxmail, offers you the chance to segment the recipients by names, title, industry and more. ListWise, our email list cleaning …

3 Great Tips for Building an Email List

Email List Scrubbing Advice: 3 Great Tips for Building an Email List

Every online marketer knows that building an email list is one of the most essential aspects of running their online marketing business, in addition to keeping their email list clean with good email list hygiene practices. They also know that perhaps the best ways to get people to sign up for their mailing list is …

How to Clean Email Lists

Save Money on Your Email Marketing by Having Clean Email Lists

Building your email list is not enough these days, you need to maintain it too. Email list cleaning is an important task for every list owner to undertake on a regular basis, especially if your list is continually growing. One of the most important aspects of list maintenance for every small business owner is finding …

How to Get the Best Value Out of an Email List

Email List Cleaning Advice: How to Get the Best Value Out of an Email List

The email list that you build today can be worth a lot of money to you in the future, but you need to maintain that list in order to ensure that it is in the best shape possible. How can you get the best value out of an email contact list? A starting point is …

The Pros & Cons of Email List Cleaning Advice

Email List Cleaning Advice: The Name Field? The Pros & Cons

When it comes to opt-in forms for your online content, there is always the debate of adding a name filed will be beneficial or not. For one, it helps you get more personal information about the reader who is opting in but on the other hand, you may offend people who don’t want you to …

How to Cleaning Email List and Database?
email list hygiene with ListWise best email list cleaning service

What’s So Important About Email Hygiene?

To email marketers, email hygiene means everything. To those of you just starting as email marketers, your opinions are soon to follow. Email hygiene is the act of regularly “scrubbing” your email lists to make sure you’re sending to valid and engaged email addresses. Why is that important? Because sending to bad addresses is typical …

listwise Analysis email list

5 Reasons Why ListWise is the Best Email Verification Service

There are many email list cleaning services in the world and of course, everyone claims that they are the best email list cleaning service. Here are five reasons why ListWise is the best email list cleaning tool in the world. 1- Accuracy ListWise is the most accurate email list cleaning software in the world. Enough …

Success in email list verifier services

The Quick Wins of ListWise

To any successful email marketer, an email list-cleaning engine is key. ListWise is the world’s simplest email list-cleaning solution adding value to email marketers across the globe. Through analyzing the results of hundreds of millions of email addresses, ListWise was designed to be more powerful than ever. In email marketing today, the work of email …