Email List Hygiene and How to Make Big Money from a Small Email List

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Email List Hygiene and How to Make Big Money from a Small Email List

Every business owner knows that they must build an email list in order to make money, but did you know that even a small list can pull in big profits? An important part of building a valuable list is to keep it clean with regular email hygiene

What is email hygiene

What is email hygiene? Simply put, it is the process of cleaning an email list so that every email address that remains on your subscriber list is valid and responsive. There will be many types of email addresses in your list that should not be there, and you may not even be aware of these until you take a good look at your subscriber list. Here are some examples of email addresses that need to be removed:

1. Fake email addresses

Email addresses that do not exist – sometimes people try to sign up with these because they think they can grab your freebie by fooling you.

2. Unconfirmed subscribers

These should be deleted because these are probably people who were hoping to get a freebie without having to sign up to another list.

3. Distribution email addresses

Addresses where the email you send goes to more than one person – a whole department of people. These are also known as role-based email addresses. This is a spam complaint waiting to happen.

If your list is fairly small, you won’t have an issue cleaning it yourself, but as it grows you may find that you need some help with email list scrubbing services. Don’t try to do it all yourself, it is far too much work and you have better things to do with your valuable time, like writing great content for your subscribers!