ListWise is the best email list cleaning and email verification service. Verifies every email address and removes all invalid email addresses from your lists.

ListWise Features

There’s not much to say about ListWise apart from it’s the best in the world at what it does.

Email Syntax Check

ListWise makes sure that every email address is in the correct email address format.

Domains/MX Check

ListWise makes sure there is a valid mail server for every email address in your list.

Catch-All Detection

A catch-all mail server accepts both invalid and valid email addresses, which creates false-positive results.

Auto Typo Fixing

ListWise intuitively fixes obvious typos in the email address.

Free Domain Check

ListWise detects all free email addresses (Eg. gmail, yahoo, hotmail etc).

Temporary Emails Detection

ListWise detects all temporary/disposable email addresses.

Role-Based Emails Detection

ListWise detects all role-based email addresses (Eg. sales@, info@ admin@ etc).

Bounced Emails Detection

ListWise detects all email addresses that will bounce, when you send your email marketing campaign.

Spam-Trap Detection

ListWise detects all spam-trap email addresses and spam-trap domains.

Duplicate Emails Detection

ListWise detects all duplicate email addresses.

Invalid Emails Detection

ListWise detects all invalid email addresses.

No-Reply Emails Detection

ListWise detects all no-reply email addresses.

Real-time SMTP Handshake

ListWise performs a real-time SMTP handshake with the email provider to check the validity of each individual email address.

Anti-Greylisting Technology

ListWise uses intelligent anti-greylisting technology to be able to verify every email address, regardless of the email provider.

API Integration

The ListWise APIs allow you to easily integrate ListWise with other applications.

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Try Before You Buy

You can clean up to 100 email addresses for free. You can upload them as a CSV file or a simple text file (bulk email marketers default format). This is a great way for you to test-drive ListWise and discover how brilliant the service really is.

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