5 Reasons Why ListWise is the Best Email Verification Service

ListWise is the best email list cleaning and email verification service. Verifies every email address and removes all invalid email addresses from your lists.

5 Reasons Why ListWise is the Best Email Verification Service

There are many email list cleaning services in the world and of course, everyone claims that they are the best email list cleaning service. Here are five reasons why ListWise is the best email list cleaning tool in the world.

Best Email Verification Service

1- Accuracy

ListWise is the most accurate email list cleaning software in the world. Enough said.

2- ListWise can clean every email address (including Yahoo and Hotmail)

Most email scrubbing services can’t clean Yahoo and Hotmail email addresses and mark these as Catch-All. ListWise can clean every Yahoo and Hotmail email address. However, don’t take our word for it, go ahead and try it for yourself.

3- Detection of Spam-Trap Email Addresses

We are proud to say that ListWise is able to detect spam-trap email addresses and domains. Sending emails to these email addresses will definitely blacklist your IPs or ruin your sending server’s reputation.

4- Auto Typo Fixing

It is common for people to make simple typos when opting-in via a web form on a website. However, this small typo can lead to quite a major disaster. For the most common typos, ListWise intuitively fixes them for you.

5- Discounted Pricing

Unlike other email list validation services, we appreciate that email marketers have a budget to work to. From time to time, we are able to offer our regular customers discounted pricing. If our pricing exceeds your budget, just let us know and we will see what we can do. You can email us, call us or message us on online chat.

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