“Spammy” Concerns for Email Marketers

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“Spammy” Concerns for Email Marketers

It’s incredibly difficult to choose the right words. Discovering phrases and terms that resonate with subscribers is difficult enough, but there’s also the danger that your email marketing campaigns can trigger spam filters through something you might consider to be the “perfect word” choice. Although email marketing is just one of the marketing options available to businesses nowadays, it is one of the easiest to control and a good place to avoid mistakes.

Spammy Concerns for Email Marketers

ListWise addresses one of the biggest and most mysterious issues with email list hygiene – Spam traps. At ListWise, we have invested a significant amount of resources in assisting marketers to escape the spam trap issue. We’ve got a highly sophisticated and credible way of not only identifying but also removing potential spam traps from your list.
Checking against 58,989,323 potential traps, ListWise gives your list the best chance of being cleaned with accuracy and efficiency. However, there are hundreds of millions of probable spam traps in the world and it is inconceivable for anyone to be able to detect and remove all of them. While we don’t boast a 100% spam trap free solution, we pride ourselves in being transparent about it and cleaning lists better, faster and cheaper than anyone else on the planet.
Even more so, it’s common for people to make simple typos when opting-in via a web form on a website. Yet, this small typo can turn into a major problem. ListWise automatically fixes typos. Missing @ symbols and incorrect domain names are fixed.
With spam filters being a key issue for email marketers, it’s crucial to have email list validator, which gives any user the best chance of a higher deliverability rate. However, in saying this, it’s also important that an email marketer understands how spam filters work:


Spam filters look at a long list of criteria to decide whether your email is junk. They might look for ‘spammy’ phrases like “CLICK HERE!” or “FREE! BUY NOW!” They’ll assign points every time they see one of those phrases – certain criteria get more points than others. An example of these criteria from SpamAssassin is as follows:

• Talks about lots of money (.193 points)

• Describes some sort of breakthrough (.232 points)

• Looks like a mortgage pitch (.297 points)

• Contains urgent matter (.288 points)

• Money back guarantee (2.051 points)

It’s important to note that you don’t need to be a spammer to be reported for ‘spamming’. Sometimes it’s a simple mistake, like when an inexperienced user clicks the spam button as an easy way to unsubscribe from an email. But even if it is a mistake, getting reported for abuse is serious and often inevitable. As an email marketer, as long as you keep track of your email list and can prove a ‘reported abuse’ is a simple mistake, you will be in the clear.