Making B2B Connections

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Making B2B Connections

Believe it or not, email marketing is still used primarily as a consumer-marketing tool than a B2B one. If this is the case with your business, which deals more with B2B clients than consumer ones, it’s about time you had a good re-look at the medium and start delving into B2B email marketing.

B2B is the automation of business processes and communication between two or more organizations

You can do this by first determining how you will send out this content and how you can track the response rate. The next thing you will need to do is determine whether your email-marketing provider offers a broader set of features that will help focus on one-to-one conversation.

Key to success

One thing to take note of before you begin is what information you already have in hand about email marketing in relation to creating B2B connections. Google’s most recent research with CEB tells us that large portions of B2B customers are emotionally attached to the brands they purchase and, consequently, the correlation between branding and emotion are the key to success.

This information is a strong urge for organisations to fuel the emotional powers of their brands instead of opting to harp on about brand benefits. This is no different with email. The point is to figure out how this thought extends itself to this medium.

Be creative!

Another thing to remember is that you have to be creative! If you are making an effort to create interesting and fun content for your consumer targeted email campaigns, there is no reason not to be doing the same when it comes to B2B. Just keep in mind that your goal is moving forward on a continuous relationship with these readers. Don’t be tempted by quick fix solutions like trying to sell a widget which will only bring you a one-off read and very little subscriptions with long term engagement.

Making long lasting connections is about ensuring that your business appeal is as sexy as your consumer one. It’s people reading the content irrespective of whether the target is personal or corporate – you just need to understand what works with different people when their business mind-set is switched on.

Like all email marketing, the most important thing you can do is verify the email addresses before you send your email marketing campaign. This will improve the overall inbox and open rate. You can verify email addresses in bulk by using ListWise.