How to Choose an Email List Cleaning Software

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How to Choose an Email List Cleaning Software

The basic principle of email marketing success is to have an up-to-date, clean and valid database of email addresses. And while it’s possible to just buy a ready-to-use email list, there is, however, no guarantee that the email addresses in that list would be 100% authentic, valid and not expired.

How to Choose an Email List Cleaning Software


So, the best way to build your email list is to do it manually. It may sound like a large job, but a little effort and dedication will be good enough to achieve your desired results. Nevertheless, there are many tools and software available to clean an existing email list. Not every email list cleaning software is right for the job however. To make sure you that you choose the right software, here are a few tips:

Number of Email Addresses

Every email cleaning software is useful for a particular number of email addresses. So, before buying any software, make sure that it has the power to clean your email list. If you have a huge list, always consult the software company before buying the product. There is many sophisticated software that can clean as many as millions of email addresses in a list. For example, ListWise specializes in high-volume email list cleaning.

Organized Output

Once you are sure about the productivity of the software, make sure it will produce an organized output in your desired file format. So, the product you choose should not only be able to read your email list from your email list file format, but it should also produce the output file in the same format. Also, if it has the ability to add extra information columns like the status of an address next to each email, it can be really handy for you.

Software Accuracy

Okay, this is the tricky part. We use email address verification tools to take invalid, expired or fake email addresses off the list. So, if a tool cannot offer 100% or a near 100% accuracy, it is of no use. The main objective behind making this investment is to get a clean, up-to-date and fresh email database. Therefore, if a tool cannot offer it, there is really no point of wasting money. This is the reason why you must ask for a guarantee in written regarding the accuracy of the tool.

Technical Support

Never take technical support for granted. Make sure that the software company you are dealing with has a professional technical support staff. Technical staff may not sound like a big deal, but it can be really useful in case of any errors or problems regarding the application.

So, these are a few of the most important points that you must consider before buying any list cleaning software on the internet.