Email Deliverability – Not Getting Easier!

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Email Deliverability – Not Getting Easier!

Deliverability is the way to measure the percentage of how many marketing emails you deploy actually make it to the inbox of the recipient. Despite email marketing implementing practices such as permission-based marketing, sometimes emails still don’t have a guaranteed deliverability date – they are being treated as SPAM or being blocked outright. For a marketer who has made all the right decisions this can be frustrating – you’ve asked for permission to feed a customer your content and they are still not getting it!

Email Deliverability Not Getting Easier

The ability to have effective inbox deliverability differs at different points in the year – at the end of the year when the rate of sending email is higher, the deliverability rate also increases. Chance are, however, your recipient is merely deleting the high volume of marketing emails in their inbox without even bothering to mark it as SPAM.

Research shows that this deliverability rate differs based on the industry the marketer originates from. For instance, healthcare and beauty products seemed to have one of the highest email deliverability rates while software products have the lowest.

Another thing to consider is that if the largest number of your recipients is on Gmail, your messages are being sent to an alternate tab that filters all promotional material separately. This could however work positively for you at points – when a reader consciously opens the promotions tab, they are probably in the mood to know what you have on offer for them and make the decision to open and read your email themselves.

Email is spam or not?

Most ISPs use reputation-based spam filters that are far more effective at being able to ascertain if an email is spam or not. This has resulted in ISPs making a conscious shift towards engagement- based spam filters, as well that are even more effective at identifying spam.

While your emails may not be getting delivered as effectively as you would like, the good news is that the global email deliverability hasn’t changed drastically over the years. The currently available tools and platforms have continued to challenge marketers to be on top of their game and deliver content that matters.