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Making an API Call

Making an API call is really easy. All you need is:

  • An Email Address to clean (email)
  • Your API Key (api_key)

There are 3 main APIs each take exactly the same parameters as either POST or GET data:

REAL-TIME CLEAN (ListWise Premium Plan Users Only)https://api.listwisehq.com/clean/realtime.php

The real-time clean API does the FULL ListWise cleaning processing in real-time. This is the same level of thorough cleaning as when you upload email lists into the ListWise application. This API is best for online registration, opt-in and signup forms – that require an instant verification of a single email address. Using the real-time API can save you from many problems and limits the need to re-clean your data in the future. This API will cost you 1 credit for each unique email request.

The deep clean API does the FULL ListWise cleaning processing, with a delayed result. This is the same level of thorough cleaning as when you upload email lists into the ListWise application. This API is best for cleaning email addresses in bulk. Unlike, the REAL-TIME CLEAN, the result is not immediate. You will need to call back the API to get the email clean result, after a few minutes. This API will cost you 1 credit for each unique email request.

The quick clean API is 100% FREE (as long as you have an active ListWise account with at least 1 credit available). This API is guaranteed to give you a result within 1000ms so is excellent for any place where you need a near instant validation of an email.
The quick clean API current performs the following email checks:
Address syntax and RFC checks, Domain checks (DNS and MX Servers), Typo fixing, Spam-trap checking, Free-mail checking and No-reply checking. It does not, however, do a real-time SMTP handshake with the email provider to check the validity of each individual email address. So the result would not be as accurate as the DEEP CLEAN or REAL-TIME clean.

All APIs return JSON format with the following fields:

emailThe email address being cleaned (may be different from the original email passed in for example if typo’s have been fixed)
– This address is invalid (fails syntax or RFC checks)
– This address is not expected to receive any reply emails
– This address has been detected as a spam-trap
– The mail server is not present or is not configured correctly
– This address does not exist and will bounce back
– The mail server accepts both fake and real addresses
– This address has been rejected or deferred after multiple checks without a confirmed result. It may bounce
– The mail server returns an unexpected result. This address may bounce
– Disposable email addresses that are used for fake registration and one-time use.
– These types of addresses are generating spam complaints and affecting deliverability as they are received by more than one person. 
– This address is clean
– This address is currently being processed, you should check back again within 5-10 minutes
Additional statuses for the Real-Time API only.
The Mail server rejected our cleaning attempt.
– The mail server deferred our cleaning request at this time.
– The mail server took too long to respond to our request.
free_mailyes / no: this address is a free-mail address
typo_fixedyes / no: this address has had typo’s fixed
error_code1: Not enough parameters
2: Invalid user
3: No credits available
4: API communication error
error_msgerror message matching the error_code

Example API Call (RealTime Clean) :


Example API Call (Deep Clean):


Example API Call (Quick Clean):


Example API Response:


Q. Is there any kind of throttle on the APIs?

A. One simultaneous connection per IP.