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Why You Want to Avoid Email Bounce Backs ListWise

Why You Want to Avoid Email Bounce-Backs

An email bounceback, also known as a bounce or non-delivery report (NDR), occurs when an email fails to reach its intended recipient and is returned to the sender. Bouncebacks can indicate various problems with the delivery of an email, and understanding these issues is essential for maintaining good email deliverability. Here are some common problems …

Why Email Bounce backs are a Problem for Email Marketers

Why Email Bounce-backs are a Problem for Email Marketers

A high bounce rate is indeed considered undesirable for email marketers. Here are the main reasons why: 1. Email deliverability: When an email bounces, it means that it was not successfully delivered to the recipient’s inbox. This can negatively impact your email deliverability rates. Internet service providers (ISPs) track bounce rates as an indicator of …