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List Categories

InvalidThe format of the email address is incorrect. E.g. ab@c@gmail.com
No-repliesMeaning that no emails should be sent to these addresses. E.g. noreply@domain.com
BouncesHard bounces are caused by email addresses that do not exist.
Bad MX / DomainEmail addresses with domains that are not configured properly. These emails will bounce.
Spam-trapsEmail addresses with the sole purpose to collect spam. Never send to these addresses.
Catch-allDomains that accept any email addresses that are either real or fake, but always return a clean value. This list may contain bounces and clean results.
SuspiciousEmail addresses that have been rejected or deferred after multiple checks without a confirmed result. Emails marked Suspicious may bounce.
UnknownThe mailserver returned an unexpected result and we could not determine the status. Emails marked Unknown may bounce.
TimeoutThe email provider was taking too long to respond to our queries. You can download and re-upload this list. All Timeout email credits are refunded. The server may have been too busy to respond to our request you can re-upload this list to be cleaned later.
CleanThis is an email address that exists and is ready to receive mail.