How to Maximize Deliverability for Better Email Marketing

Maximize Deliverability for Better Email Marketing

As your email list grows, you will notice a few things regarding your subscribers.  First of all, people who signed up to your list initially may no longer wish to receive your emails.  They may not open your emails (“unopens”), but they also have not unsubscribed from your list.  This is one example of how your list is being bogged down and a good reason why you may need to find an email hygiene solution.  How can you maximize deliverability of your emails?  There are several ways that you can clean up your list and improve your email marketing, and those include…

1.       Ensure that all of the addresses on your list are “live”.  In other words, if you have unopens as mentioned earlier, you could try to “re-engage” these subscribers with an offer that you know is irresistible to them.  If they don’t respond, then remove them from your list.

2.       Remove any addresses that go to multiple recipients.  A general email address like would probably go to more than one recipient and may be marked as spam by those who did not sign up to receive your emails.

3.       Immediately remove any email addresses that have unsubscribed by permanently deleting them from your list.  This will prevent any future emails going to those recipients, even if by accident.

4.       Always ensure that you use an email address validation service so that emails can be confirmed when people sign up to your list.  This prevents “fake” emails from being added to your email list and taking up valuable space.

5.       Remove email addresses that contain obvious typographical errors.  You can be certain that these emails are not going to be sent to a real person on the other end.

Keeping your list clean will help you to maximize your deliverability, because addresses that are no longer valid will not be taking up space in your list.  Your delivery rates will increase and the performance of your list will also show improvement.  If your list is extremely large and you cannot possibly accomplish the cleaning of it on your own, consider using email list scrubbing services to help you to get the job done.  These days there is no excuse for having a “dirty” email list, not even ignorance.  Building your business reputation should be a top priority and one important