Does your Website need a Re-Vamp?

Does your Website need a Re-Vamp

With the world increasingly leaning towards a digital focus, it is practically unheard of for a brand to have no online visibility. This means having a website is an absolute must. This is why virtually every brand has a functioning website. At this point, the thing to ask yourself is whether the website meets current user trends and is relevant to the changes in user patterns. A first, simple question to ask is if you only have your products on display on your site or if people can actually make a purchase online.

A website redesign can be a very costly affair however, so start by taking a good look at your current site and asking yourself some of these very pertinent questions before you make your decision:

1. Is it Mobile-Friendly?

Because mobile internet usage is on a staggering rise, it makes no sense to have a site that hasn’t been optimized for mobile platforms. This means you need to have incorporated a responsive design into your site or else you are losing out on a huge audience.

2. Digital Media Connectivity

Including links or buttons that take customers to your various social media sites, blogs, forums etc. is something you can’t afford to do without in this digital savvy era. It makes it easier for readers to share or tweet your information online and make you a more visible brand overall. It also helps all your online media to be integrated through one primary platform.

3. Improve Usability

Ask a stranger to look for a random product on your site. If it takes too long or confuses them you could be losing out on a potential buyer just by making things difficult for them. Just like your physical store is designed to create a seamless shopping experience, so should your website.

4. Is your site reflecting the new you?

If your brand or visual identity has undergone a rebranding that you have adapted to all physical elements of your company, ensure that your website also has undergone the same changes. Sometimes this may be more than just replacing logos and may require an entire rethink of the layout.

5. Are you Up-to-Date?

In most cases, news sites carry more up to date information on your brand than your actual website does. You need to ask yourself if your current site allows you to update information regularly. Look into adding a ticker on the home page that will keep all readers informed of the latest information from your company.

If you have your answers in hand, then you will know if your site needs a re-vamp. Sometimes, it’s also good to give your site a new look and feel. In doing this, you are engaging the attention of your readers and not boring them with the same look from year to year. 

We are currently upgrading the ListWise website, if there are any features you would like to see please comment below.