How to Tweak your Blog to Attract Subscribers

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Having a marketing blog for your brand isn’t just about a chance to expel expertise on your brand to make you feel good about yourself. A blog needs a purpose – and readers! If people aren’t subscribing to your blog, you might as well not have one. If you feel like your blog is in a similar rut, here are some simple tweaks you can make to start improving engagement with your content:

1. Depending on the type of brand you are, ideally you should also pick a blog theme or template that works for you. If you are a fun brand, pick something vibrant and visual for instance. Also remember to pick a theme that you can easily customize with your brand mnemonics and colours so that people will know they are coming to an official source.

2. You should also ensure that all pertinent information is easy discoverable, in addition to your regular posts. For instance, ensure that you have either a right or left column with links to hash tags etc. and also have a detailed about page that readers could go to for overall information on your company and brand.

3. Remember that it’s less about a pretty looking layout and more about human functionality when it comes to the core construct of your blog. Form and functionality is core to a maintaining a good blog so that readers can easily navigate through it and find related or relevant information.

4. Ensure that you minimalize the amount of text you use, intersperse with photographs and/or info-graphics where required. People are not coming to you to read a novel – then want quick, pertinent information and you need to be able to structure your posts in a manner that will give them just that.

5. Ensure that each of your posts has an opt-in to your blog. Place it strategically so that you have the chance to continuously increase regular readership and having an offer coupled with your opt-in won’t hurt either. Just ensure that you are offering something relevant to your brand.

6. Ensure that your blog is optimized to be accessible on mobile platforms such as smartphones and tablets. Chances are your readers will only find the time to absorb information like this when they are on the go and have nothing else to do.

7. Pay close attention to the comments that your readers leave behind. Chances are they might convert into leads and thereafter sales. The point of having a blog after all is to enhance your marketing efforts and bring your customers closer to the purchase.