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The Quick Wins of ListWise

The Quick Wins of ListWise

To any successful email marketer, an email list-cleaning engine is key. ListWise is the world’s simplest email list-cleaning solution adding value to email marketers across the globe. Through analyzing the results of hundreds of millions of email addresses, ListWise was designed to be more powerful than ever.

 In email marketing today, the work of email list-cleaning software helps prevent spam traps, the duplication of emails, typo fixing, and bounce-backs – ListWise fixes these faults, and so much more. It’s due to this reason that ListWise is considered to be the secret weapon behind every successful email marketer, separating the wheat from the chaff. Due to its simplicity, power and brilliance, the benefits of ListWise to any email marketer are vast:

1. Spam Trap Indicators

With the new improved product, ListWise now removes spam traps whilst cleaning email lists. A key investment within ListWise was that of placing resources to assist marketers in escaping the ‘spam trap’.  Checking against 58,989,323 potential traps, ListWise gives your list the greatest chance of being cleaned with accuracy and efficiency.               

In saying this, there are millions of suspected spam traps across the globe making it highly unlikely for any email list-cleaning software to be able to detect and remove all of them. Realizing this fact has meant that at ListWise, we don’t boast about having a 100% spam trap free solution, instead we promise our product cleans lists better, faster and cheaper than anyone else on the planet.

2. Clean Data = Clean Marketing

For the majority of bulk marketers, those who send high volumes of emails for campaigns etc. know the value of decent, clean data. In terms of ListWise, the data cleaning is done through our global network allowing ListWise to reference your data against known bounced emails and spam traps. By doing this, ListWise essentially allows for a surefire clean list. ListWise does this by separating the ‘clean’, ‘invalid’, ‘duplicates’ and ‘bounces’ off your email list so you have a complete breakdown and can download the valid addresses. In doing this, ListWise allows Email Marketers the element of time and clean marketing through removing unnecessary hassles like ‘bounce-backs’.

3. Extra Accurate Emails

ListWise offers customers the quick win of producing extra accurate emails. With delivering high volumes of mail across freemail ISPs being a persistent challenge, ListWise gives email senders a breakdown of the numbers and percentages of freemail addresses in your list. In so doing, this allows bulk senders to develop strategic game plans to cater to particular ISPs.

Accordingly, it goes without saying that the quality of your email lists go hand-in-hand with the quality of responses you receive from your marketing campaigns. By sending to clean email addresses, your ISP rejections are kept relatively low ensuring a consistent, long-term inbox delivery rate across all major ISPs.

4. Precision Automatic typo-fixing

Typos are a common mistake in many areas of the digital world. Yet, one minor typo when opting-in via a web form on a website can amount to major discrepancies within a bulk marketing campaign. For email marketers, ListWise fixes the most common typos for you. This is generally the missing ‘@’ symbol and incorrect domain names, allowing for flexibility within any email marketing campaign. 

These Quick Wins of ListWise work hand-in-hand when producing successful high volume email-marketing campaigns. The simplicity, power and brilliance of ListWise proves it helps sustain campaigns while allowing email marketers luxuries such as time, clean data and reliable email lists. 

How to Manage an Email Marketing List

How to Manage an Email Marketing List

Email marketing is about more than just acquiring email addresses, including an opt-out and unsubscribe process and sending email campaigns to your subscribers. In order for an email marketing list to become and remain successful, and produce results, it must be properly maintained. If you are new to email marketing you are probably wondering how one can effectively clean up an email list. Rest assured that maintaining a clean email list isn’t difficult. In fact, email hygiene is probably far easier than you imagine.  

Get Rid of Bad Email Addresses and Manage Bounces

Sure all marketers do their best to ensure that their email list doesn’t contain any bad email addresses; however, that doesn’t prevent their list from getting them. Bad email addresses creep into email lists because eventually some email addresses will go “bad” over time. This happens for a number of reasons:

·         Subscribers may change jobs thereby no longer using their initial company email address

·         An email account becomes abandoned

·         Subscribers closing their email accounts

·         There email inbox becomes full and is no longer accepting new messages

Of course the marketer has no control of the afore-mentioned.

Sending messages to these email accounts will only result in the email being registered as a bounced email which in turn negatively affects your sender reputation. Avoid this by periodically going through your email list and deleting “bad” email addresses. A good way to do this is to set a “bounce threshold” where once an email bounces a certain number of times, it gets deleted. Bad email addresses can be identified for removal by using email address validation software.

Get Rid of Inactive or Non-Engaged Subscribers

If your email list contains people who are inactive or non-engaged then remove them. Some marketers like to keep these people on their list because the cost of sending them marketing campaign after marketing campaign is zero; however, the benefit of having them on your mailing list is also zero. They do not add to your bottom line. There is literally no benefit in saying that you have a list of 10,000 people if less than 50% of them are engaged.

If you do not wish to remove them as yet you can put them in a category called “low activity” users and send them a special email in order to see what would get them to become engaged. However, merely treating them the same as your other users will not add value to your operations.

Remember that as a marketer one of your most valuable tools is your email list and no marketer needs an email list that is non-engaging and one that could ruin their reputation. Make every effort to practice email list cleaning.

Making B2B Connections

B2B email marketing

Believe it or not, email marketing is still used primarily as a consumer-marketing tool than a B2B one. If this is the case with your business, which deals more with B2B clients than consumer ones, it’s about time you had a good re-look at the medium and start delving into B2B email marketing.

You can do this by first determining how you will send out this content and how you can track the response rate. The next thing you will need to determine is your email-marketing provider that offers a broader set of features that will help focus on one-to-one conversation.

Key to success

One thing to take note of before you begin is what information you already have in hand about email marketing in relation to creating B2B connections. For one Google’s most recent research with CEB tells us that large portions of B2B customers are emotionally attached to the brands they purchase and, consequently, the correlation between branding and emotion are the key to success.

This information is a strong urge to organizations to fuel the emotional powers of their brands over opting to harp on brand benefits. This is no different with email. The point is to figure out how this thought extends itself to the medium and how you can derive maximum benefit from this region.

Be creative!

Another thing to remember is that you have to be creative! If you are making an effort to create interesting and fun content for your consumer targeted email campaigns, there is no reason not to be doing the same when it comes to B2B. Just keep in mind that your goal is moving forward on a continuous relationship with these readers and don’t be tempted by quick fix solutions like trying to sell a widget which will only bring you a one-off read and very little subscriptions for long term engagement.

One simple way to do this is not with the written content at all – why not create a corporate template that isn’t just made to look cool or pretty, but optimized templates that are design driven not merely aesthetically but with better coding and testing.

Making long lasting connections is about ensuring that your business appeal is as sexy as your consumer one. It’s people reading the content irrespective of whether the target is personal or corporate – you just need to understand what works with different people when their business mind-set is switched on.

Turn Your Email into a Solid Branding Tool

email marketing program

In email marketing, marketers are always talking about conversion, experience, making smart use of data and testing. But have you ever thought about how your emails reflect your brand image and how a recipient views your company? Let’s look at the branding effects of the email channel and how to utilize email marketing to its full potential.

All the products you use are brands. Email marketing can be a uniquely strong branding tool, if it is used correctly. So what does that mean for the email marketer?

  • What is in a name?

Imagine you owned a small piece of real estate in your buyers’ brains. Which message would you like to see in there and when should it pop-up?

A brand is the way that customers recognize your business and an anchor for how they perceive you. A logo and brand name are there to be recognizable – and represent the business and intentions of an organization. You know that by being top-of-mind and a trusted brand stacks the deck in your favour – it is that little piece of brain real estate.

A brand is carried by all their brand communication: visual, written and across all channels. That includes your website, customer service, shop, blog articles, products and of course, your email marketing.

  • More depth than just the product

A strong brand offers more depth than just a product or a service. Organizations that think “a car is a car” or “a shop is a shop” won’t get past promotions that sum up product features and discounted prices. Branding is the reason why people choose Coca-Cola instead of an unknown store brand even if it is more expensive. There is so much more possible through branding and positioning.

  • Branding and your email-marketing program

When synchronizing your brand and your email-marketing program, it is important – or rather critical – to have a clear view of what your current brand is. A well-defined brand can serve as a starting point and a measuring stick value for evaluating your email marketing strategy and individual campaigns.

  • Test your email on branding value

With every email you are making a conscious contribution to how your subscribers will perceive your brand now and in the future. Below are key ways for you to analyze the branding value of your email.

  1. What is your core message, slogan if you will, and is this reflected in your email?
  2. What makes your brand unique?
  3. Is the tone of voice and imagery consistent?
  4. What types of people do your products and services attract? Are your emails suitable/catered to them?
  5. What does (and should) your target audience think about your current brand and does it match?
  • Beyond consistency

As an email marketer understanding branding and consistency before embarking on any email campaign is a must. Consistency is an important part of branding. You want to be recognized and your message to stay top of mind. Repeating and amplifying a message will reinforce it.

Sending out two conflicting messages might confuse your subscribers. Logo, color usage and tone-of-voice are all contributors to your brand. Make sure they are in place, but don’t define your whole brand. Next time you send out an email, just consider if your message is amplifying or sabotaging the way subscribers experience your brand