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The Quick Wins of ListWise

The Quick Wins of ListWise

To any successful email marketer, an email list-cleaning engine is key. ListWise is the world’s simplest email list-cleaning solution adding value to email marketers across the globe. Through analyzing the results of hundreds of millions of email addresses, ListWise was designed to be more powerful than ever.

 In email marketing today, the work of email list-cleaning software helps prevent spam traps, the duplication of emails, typo fixing, and bounce-backs – ListWise fixes these faults, and so much more. It’s due to this reason that ListWise is considered to be the secret weapon behind every successful email marketer, separating the wheat from the chaff. Due to its simplicity, power and brilliance, the benefits of ListWise to any email marketer are vast:

1. Spam Trap Indicators

With the new improved product, ListWise now removes spam traps whilst cleaning email lists. A key investment within ListWise was that of placing resources to assist marketers in escaping the ‘spam trap’.  Checking against 58,989,323 potential traps, ListWise gives your list the greatest chance of being cleaned with accuracy and efficiency.               

In saying this, there are millions of suspected spam traps across the globe making it highly unlikely for any email list-cleaning software to be able to detect and remove all of them. Realizing this fact has meant that at ListWise, we don’t boast about having a 100% spam trap free solution, instead we promise our product cleans lists better, faster and cheaper than anyone else on the planet.

2. Clean Data = Clean Marketing

For the majority of bulk marketers, those who send high volumes of emails for campaigns etc. know the value of decent, clean data. In terms of ListWise, the data cleaning is done through our global network allowing ListWise to reference your data against known bounced emails and spam traps. By doing this, ListWise essentially allows for a surefire clean list. ListWise does this by separating the ‘clean’, ‘invalid’, ‘duplicates’ and ‘bounces’ off your email list so you have a complete breakdown and can download the valid addresses. In doing this, ListWise allows Email Marketers the element of time and clean marketing through removing unnecessary hassles like ‘bounce-backs’.

3. Extra Accurate Emails

ListWise offers customers the quick win of producing extra accurate emails. With delivering high volumes of mail across freemail ISPs being a persistent challenge, ListWise gives email senders a breakdown of the numbers and percentages of freemail addresses in your list. In so doing, this allows bulk senders to develop strategic game plans to cater to particular ISPs.

Accordingly, it goes without saying that the quality of your email lists go hand-in-hand with the quality of responses you receive from your marketing campaigns. By sending to clean email addresses, your ISP rejections are kept relatively low ensuring a consistent, long-term inbox delivery rate across all major ISPs.

4. Precision Automatic typo-fixing

Typos are a common mistake in many areas of the digital world. Yet, one minor typo when opting-in via a web form on a website can amount to major discrepancies within a bulk marketing campaign. For email marketers, ListWise fixes the most common typos for you. This is generally the missing ‘@’ symbol and incorrect domain names, allowing for flexibility within any email marketing campaign. 

These Quick Wins of ListWise work hand-in-hand when producing successful high volume email-marketing campaigns. The simplicity, power and brilliance of ListWise proves it helps sustain campaigns while allowing email marketers luxuries such as time, clean data and reliable email lists. 

Why You Should Love Your Email List Unsubscribes

how to Improve email Campaigns

Year Round Spring Cleaning

The truth of the matter is that, however it is done, you need to clean up bad emails to keep your list clean of inaccurate addresses, inactive accounts, and other unproductive contacts.  Emails such as these can harm your efforts by increasing your bounceback rates, lowering your open rates, and posing the threat of spam complaints.  If your metrics in this regard are bad enough, it can hurt your reputation with email service providers and can even result in getting you blacklisted.

By choosing to unsubscribe, contacts that might otherwise cause some of the problems listed above are no longer in a position to do so.  At the same time, you should be proactive when it comes to removing inactives from your list.  Make sure to track engagement levels and send out re-activation emails to inactives on your list periodically.  Those who don’t respond can be removed from your list.

Unsubscribes Provide Valuable Feedback

By voting with their feet, so to speak, unsubscribes provide you with the ability to gauge how your email marketing strategy is working.  Are you sending too many emails?  Are your emails too “hard sell?”  Have you enabled email address validation?  If you experience a high level of unsubscribes after a campaign it may be a sign that you need to go back to the drawing board and recalibrate your approach.

Use Unsubscribe Data to Improve Your Campaigns

After digging down into the data, you can use the information provided by unsubscribes to revamp your email marketing approach.  Typically, unsubscribes come from excessive email frequency, data that is not relevant or personalized enough, and from prospects that aren’t interested in your products or whose address wasn’t checked by an email verification tool.  Use an unsubscribe questionnaire to gather this data and find exactly which factors were responsible for a contact unsubscribing.  You can also offer contacts a chance to change their email preferences by allowing them to receive less frequent or more targeted emails if they prefer.

If you track the purchasing habits of your unsubscribes, you will typically find that these are not your most active buyers, so losing them generally shouldn’t impede and may even improve your email marketing efforts by allowing you to focus on those consumers who are most likely to respond positively to your campaigns. 

3 Simple Ways to Improve Your Email List

how to Improve Email List

Email marketing has proven time and time again that is one of the best ways to reach prospective customers and influence their buying habits.  But this popularity means that you face some fierce competition when it comes to getting your message out via email. 

Email verification is important here, to ensure that your emails reach the intended recipient. Designing emails that are punchy and relevant is another crucial part of the process as well, in addition to developing your email list –no matter how strong your message may be, you need to get it in front of as many qualified prospects as possible to maximize the impact of your campaigns.  Some further ideas to help you build out your list can be found below.

1) Acquire personalized data

Building segmented lists that reflect desired demographic information such as age, location, and gender is a great way to increase the effectiveness of your campaigns.  Information about customer preferences when it comes to the products or services your company provides is also key to designing campaigns for high open and click-through rates.  This data can be difficult to acquire, given that consumers are typically not eager to provide such personalized data if they can avoid doing so.  One way to garner the data is to contact data enhancement providers that can use your email list to provide you with relevant demographic data as well as behavioral data in regards to customer buying habits.

2) Utilize email append services  

While mailings have continued to decline in popularity with marketers as consumers increasingly look online and to email for purchasing information, if you have lists based on mailing addresses these can be mined for emails.  An email append provider will use your list of mailing addresses to locate valid email addresses associated with the individual at the relevant address and send out email opt-in requests allowing prospective customers to sign-up to receive your emails.

3) Scrub your list

  Given all the automation involved, it is highly likely that your email list will contain errors of one form or the other that prevent your emails from reaching their intended recipient.  This has the effect of increasing bounce rates and spam folder redirects.  As a result, it makes sense to utilize email list scrubbing services to periodically check your list for bad addresses, and either correct them or remove them from your list.

Understanding the Dirty Business of Email Cleaning

how to Email Cleaning

Email list cleaning is dirty work, but somebody has got to do it. Fortunately, there are several email list scrubbing services available online that make the whole job a lot more sanitary. However, before you rejoice in the knowledge that there is help at hand, you need to understand that not all list cleaning services perform equally.

As dirty as the job is, making sense of how the email hygiene business works can be even messier. Some services make list cleaning appear very easy to do—some, in fact, merely sell the software so you can do it yourself. What makes it even more appealing is that the software sells for a fraction of what you would normally pay for a full cleaning service. Still others go so far as guaranteeing a 100% clean list all the time.

Sounds like a very cost effective solution, right?

Sadly, their claims are simply too good to be true. Wasting your time on ineffective software and empty promises can do more harm than good to your email marketing strategy, particularly to your IP reputation.

There are steps, however, that you can undertake to prevent anyone pulling a fast one on you. Asking questions will help shed light on which service legitimately provides the best service for your email marketing

What services do they offer?

Do they only clean the list or do they provide an email validation service as well? What type of addresses can they scrub off your list? Do they merely take out those with invalid domains? Are they able to take out “dead-end” email addresses, those generic and no-reply ones that can be usually found in bulk lists? Are they capable of taking out spam traps? How about addresses with typographical errors? Do they have the ability to correct them?

How much volume can they process on an hourly or daily basis? Would they be able to accommodate your volume? How clean can your list get after it gets processed?

These are just some of the questions you need to ask when discussing their service. They should also be able to effectively explain how they plan to clean your list. Be very wary when they cannot properly explain the process or use this response: “We cannot share that information as that is a trade secret.”

Do they provide you with after-market support?

If you decide to purchase an email list cleaning software, make sure that they provide a support hotline that you can reach for questions and concerns. You will likely have questions later after you’ve used the software for some time, and your provider should be able to address them.

Looking to Build an Email List? Sweeten the Deal!

how to Build an Email List

Every online marketer knows that building an email list is one of the most essential aspects of running their online marketing business, in addition to keeping their email list clean with good list hygiene practices. They also know that perhaps the best ways to get people to sign up for their mailing list is to have some form of newsletter sign up form prominently displayed on their website. Even after doing this; however, there are a few marketers who are unable to get people to sign up. Fortunately listed below are some proven incentives that you can use to boost your email sign ups.

1.   Give Customers Exclusive Discounts

Customers love discounts and free items. Therefore it should go without saying that one of the best ways to boost email sign ups is to offer exclusive discounts. Offering exclusive discounts will work well for both traditional brick and mortar stores and e-commerce websites. Regardless of how good your product is, a discount is something that will benefit, not hurt your bottom line. Just make sure that you do not offer the same discount all the times, as it is best to mix it up and keep things fresh.

2.   Give Away Free Information

Another great way to boost your email sign ups is to give away free information. This can take the form of case studies, free webcasts invitations, the ever popular PDF files and more. Just make sure that the information that you are giving away is relevant to your, product, service and website.

There is also an added benefit of giving away free information – you can show off your personal expertise. For example if you have a blog on weight loss tips you can take the information from that blog and turn it into a report and then give it away for free. Before you send out your free information make sure that your customers go through online email address verification process.

3.   Trials and/or Free Samples

Getting people to sign up for your mailing list can sometimes be as easy as offering them a free trial or free samples. Of course this means that your product and/or service will be the one that will be doing the convincing for you. The good thing about free trials and samples is that even if your product fails to convince your potential customers you can still contact them and send them other campaigns as you would have already acquired their information and permission to send them information.

Each company is unique and therefore each method will have varying degrees of success. It is therefore important that each company tries various methods until they find the one that produces the most results. The main takeaway is that offering your customer any of the following incentives will definitely improve your sign ups and thus grow your mailing list. Additionally make sure that your list is kept clean with an email cleansing software. 

The Best Email List Money Can Buy

Best Email List Money Can Buy

If you’re a successful marketer, chances are you know by now that buying email lists is a bad idea. Not only can they be expensive, but they’re usually not effective in reaching potential customers and often put you at risk of being labeled as spam. I’ve even heard stories of purchased email lists leading to the suspension of entire email campaigns due to nearly universal spam filtering, so do your email hygiene a favor and stay away from the purchased lists. But if you can’t rely on buying lists, then how do you build a robust email list yourself?

Here are a few tips…

1. Always get permission 

Never scrape the web for email addresses or sneakily get them from your customers. Getting permission leads to higher read rates, and higher read rates means less emails deleted or marked as spam and more visits/purchases on your website. Oh, and provide a clear way to unsubscribe for your recipients lest you end up being marked as spam by default.

2. Give users a reason

 Just asking for an email address when a visitor comes to your website is often a good idea, but giving good reasons for an opt-in are even better. Giveaways and promotions are great ways to get emails. People are usually willing to receive a few emails once in a while for the chance to win something of value.

3. Quality newsletters are key

Newsletters that serve a function – say, ones that exclusively distribute you best deals and coupons – are great ways to get emails and spread the word about your emails. Each additional sign-up is going to be a high-value one, so no email scrubbing needed.

4. Get good software

 You’ll want to have good online email address verification capabilities as well as a way to automate your list maintenance and email sending. What better way to do this than a high-quality program that does it for you?

How to Choose an Email List Cleaning Software

How to Choose an Email List Cleaning Software

The basic principle of email marketing success is to have an up-to-date, clean and valid database of email addresses. And while it’s possible to just buy a ready-to-use email list, there is, however, no guarantee that the email addresses in that list would be 100% authentic, valid and not expired.

So, the best way to build your email list is to do it manually. It may sound like a large job, but a little effort and dedication will be good enough to achieve your desired results.  Nevertheless, there are many tools and software available to clean an existing email list. Not every email list cleaning software is right for the job however.To make sure you that you choose the right software, here are a few tips:

Number of Email Addresses

Every email cleaning software is useful for a particular number of email addresses. So, before buying any software, make sure that it has the power to clean your email list. If you have a huge list, always consult the software company before buying the product. There are many sophisticated software that can clean as many as millions of email addresses in a list.

Organized Output

Once you are sure about the productivity of software, make sure it will produce an organized output in your desired file format. So, the product you choose should not only be able to read your email list from your email list file format, but it should also produce output in the same format. Also, if it has the ability to add extra information columns like the status of an address next to each email, it can be really handy for you.

Software Accuracy

Okay, this is the tricky part. We use email address verification tools to take invalid, expired or fake email addresses off the list. So, if a tool cannot offer 100% or a near 100% accuracy, it is of no use. The main objective behind making this investment is to get a clean, up-to-date and fresh email database. Therefore, if a tool cannot offer it, there is really no point of wasting money. This is the reason why you must ask for a guarantee in written regarding the accuracy of the tool.

Technical Support

Never take technical support for granted. Make sure that the software company you are dealing with has a professional technical support staff. Technical staff may not sound like a big deal, but it can be really useful in case of any errors or problems regarding the application.

So, these are a few of the most important points that you must consider before buying any list cleaning software on the internet. 

Email Deliverability – Not Getting Easier!

Email Deliverability

Deliverability is the way to measure the percentage of how many marketing emails you deploy actually make it to the inbox of the recipient. Despite email marketing implementing practices such as permission-based marketing, sometimes emails still don’t have a guaranteed deliverability date – they are being treated as SPAM or being blocked outright. For a marketer who has made all the right decisions this can be frustrating – you’ve asked for permission to feed a customer your content and he or she is still not getting it!

The ability to have effective inbox deliverability differs at different points in the year – at the end of the year when the rate of sending email is higher, the deliverability rate also increases. Chance are, however, your recipient is merely deleting the high volume of marketing emails in their inbox without even bothering to mark it as SPAM.

Research shows that this deliverability rate differs based on the industry the marketer originates from. For instance, healthcare and beauty products seemed to have one of the highest email deliverability rates while software products have the lowest.

Another thing to consider is that if the largest number of your recipients is on Gmail, your messages are being sent to an alternate tab that filters all promotional material separately. This could however work positively for you at points – when a reader consciously opens the promotions tab, they are probably in the mood to know what you have on offer for them and make the decision to open and read your email themselves.

email is spam or not?

ISPs are also changing the way emails are being filtered with reputation based spam filters that are far more effective at being able to ascertain if an email is spam or not. This has resulted in ISPs making a conscious shift towards engagement based spam filters as well that are even more effective at identifying spam.

While your emails may not be getting delivered as effectively as you would like, the good news is that the global email deliverability hasn’t changed drastically over the years. The currently available tools and platforms have continued to challenge marketers to be on top of their game and deliver content that matters.

Tips for Building your List

Tips for Building email List

There is no point having brilliant content for email marketing if you don’t have the ideal email list to send the content out to. If your list doesn’t have enough email addresses of the relevant audiences you might as well not have that brilliant content writer on board. There are many ways in which you could go about list building – the point is to understand all your other points of contact with customers and potential buyers in order to gather this information.

Having a glass bowl for business card

The most basic way by which to gather information would be to ensure that all your customer facing staff, i.e. all staff members’ who come into contact with consumers, are trained to be able to extract this information. You could also start a rewards scheme attached to email subscriptions that would automatically grow your list. Having a glass bowl for business card drops at your outlet is just as easy a way to gather email addresses.

Sign up forms either printed for manual sign ups at your store or having one in your social media or web platforms could also be a good way to get people to subscribe to your email content. If they are visiting you either personally or virtually it means they have some interest in what you have to offer and would like to stay in touch for more information before they make their purchase.

Clean your list periodically as well

If your organization hosts events, this is also a great way to connect with people and gather their email addresses. Having a register at the entrance will ensure that people sign in before they enter your event.

The thing to remember with list building however is that you need to be able to clean your list periodically as well. Chances are that after a while some of these email addresses could become invalid due to the recipient changing jobs and thereby their email addresses. You could have input the information wrong into your original list as well resulting in the email bouncing back. This could in turn compromise your online reputation in the long run.

Your list is up to date

While it is virtually impossible to do this manually, especially if your list is quite long, it needs to be done every few months to ensure that your list is up to date and relevant. Use email list cleaners such as ListWise that will go through your entire list and give you a detailed chart of issues in a fraction of the time it would take to do it yourself and your growing list will also remain an active one in the months ahead.

Effective Emails Marketers AREN’T Sending

Effective Emails Marketers

If anything, 2020 is probably the best time for a small or medium business to really shift gears and understand how best to use the tools available to them in order to take their brands to newer heights. As always, the customer should always be your primary focus, the point to understand how to best train your employees, restructure your product and use the right technology collectively to ensure that your customer’s experience with your brand is that much better in the upcoming New Year.

While your various departments are probably well into putting their 2020 plans together for you, it may be good to create a single page document that ensures that everyone is literally on the same page and your plans have a far more integrated approach than before. You need to be able to define your corporate vision in a manner that will ensure this will happen so that all areas of your business know where to focus. Here are a few areas that your single page vision should ideally include:


you need to clearly define what you are trying to reach at the end of your plan so that your teams can work backwards to ensure that these objectives are met.


what is your corporate and business culture? How would you like this culture and atmosphere translated into the way you do business with all your external stakeholders? There is no point in claiming a culture that others outside your organization don’t see.


what is your overall corporate mission? Not just in terms of the upcoming year of your planning cycle but in larger terms. Defining this will allow a lot of departments’ plans to fall into place from a far more strategic and visionary perspective.


the evolving consumer needs further definition in 2020 so ensure you clearly and expansively define your markets, segmenting them as far as possible to ensure that the correct strategies and tactics can be applied based on the various types of people you want doing business with you. Define your current customers and your potential ones because retention is as important as new acquisitions and budgets need to be allocated for both groups accordingly.


Irrespective of the various promotions and campaigns you plan to be implementing throughout the year, it is essential that each of these carry the same message or perspective. This enables your audiences to know who you are where you coming from at all times. Ensure that each of your activities is designed in such a manner that this message is continuously enforced throughout the year.