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5 Reasons Why ListWise is the Best Email Cleaning Service

ListWise's simple but powerful email cleaning API

There are many email list cleaning services in the world and of course, everyone claims that they are the best email cleaning service. Here are five reasons why ListWise is the best email cleaning service in the world and why you should use ListWise always.

  1. Accuracy

    ListWise is the most accurate email list cleaning service in the world. Enough said.

  2. ListWise can clean every email address (including Yahoo and Hotmail)

    Most of the email cleaning services can’t clean Yahoo and Hotmail email addresses and mark these as Catch-All. ListWise can clean every Yahoo and Hotmail email addresses. However, don’t take our word for it, go ahead and try it for yourself.

  3. Detection of Spam-Trap Email Addresses

    We are proud to say that ListWise the best email cleaning service that able to detect spam-trap email addresses and domains. Sending emails to these email addresses will definitely blacklist your IPs or ruin your sending server’s reputation.

  4. Auto Typo Fixing

    It is common for people to make simple typos when opting-in via a web form on a website. However, this small typo can lead to quite a major disaster. For the most common typos, as the best email cleaning service, ListWise intuitively fixes them for you providing you with the best email cleaning service.

  5. Discounted Pricing

    Unlike other email cleaning services, we appreciate that email marketers have a budget to work to. From time to time we are able to offer our regular customers discounted pricing. If our pricing exceeds your budget, just let us know and we will see what we can do. You can email us, call us or message us on online chat.

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How to Manage an Email Marketing List

How to Manage an Email Marketing List

Email marketing is about more than just acquiring email addresses, including an opt-out and unsubscribe process and sending email campaigns to your subscribers. In order for an email marketing list to become and remain successful, and produce results, it must be properly maintained. If you are new to email marketing you are probably wondering how one can effectively clean up an email list. Rest assured that maintaining a clean email list isn’t difficult. In fact, email hygiene is probably far easier than you imagine.  

Get Rid of Bad Email Addresses and Manage Bounces

Sure all marketers do their best to ensure that their email list doesn’t contain any bad email addresses; however, that doesn’t prevent their list from getting them. Bad email addresses creep into email lists because eventually some email addresses will go “bad” over time. This happens for a number of reasons:

·         Subscribers may change jobs thereby no longer using their initial company email address

·         An email account becomes abandoned

·         Subscribers closing their email accounts

·         There email inbox becomes full and is no longer accepting new messages

Of course the marketer has no control of the afore-mentioned.

Sending messages to these email accounts will only result in the email being registered as a bounced email which in turn negatively affects your sender reputation. Avoid this by periodically going through your email list and deleting “bad” email addresses. A good way to do this is to set a “bounce threshold” where once an email bounces a certain number of times, it gets deleted. Bad email addresses can be identified for removal by using email address validation software.

Get Rid of Inactive or Non-Engaged Subscribers

If your email list contains people who are inactive or non-engaged then remove them. Some marketers like to keep these people on their list because the cost of sending them marketing campaign after marketing campaign is zero; however, the benefit of having them on your mailing list is also zero. They do not add to your bottom line. There is literally no benefit in saying that you have a list of 10,000 people if less than 50% of them are engaged.

If you do not wish to remove them as yet you can put them in a category called “low activity” users and send them a special email in order to see what would get them to become engaged. However, merely treating them the same as your other users will not add value to your operations.

Remember that as a marketer one of your most valuable tools is your email list and no marketer needs an email list that is non-engaging and one that could ruin their reputation. Make every effort to practice email list cleaning.

Sender Reputation During the Holiday Season

Blog - Receiving Email Marketing

During the holiday season, retailers send an increased volume of emails to clients with special offers and promotions. In fact, according to Experian Marketing Services, email volume surged 13% higher in the 2018 holiday season compared to the 2017 holiday season. In addition, the increase in email volume led to a 9 % rise in the number of total transactions from email marketing campaigns and an 18.4% increase in overall revenue.

Email is a critical communication channel

Clearly, email is a critical communication channel for the holiday season. However, with increased volume sent to potentially inactive subscribers, comes some vulnerability. And with increased pressure to perform, retailers look to increase their volume of communications and the size of their database.

Sending to inactive subscribers or inaccurate email addresses can expose retailers to sender reputation problems. This is the rating a given domain has with Internet Service Providers, which can affect their ability to reach a subscribers inbox.

Since every ISP calculates sender reputation differently, it is important that retailers understand the top factors affecting sender reputation and work to prevent any errors. Some of the main factors is the volume of email sent, spam trap hits and blacklists, and complaint and hard bounce rates. Perhaps the most worried about factor is that of ‘spam trap hits’.

spam complaints

If you are receiving more than one spam complaint for every 1000 emails sent then this could be damaging to your sender reputation. Most people are familiar with the “Report Spam” button on their email client. When this is clicked on a spam complaint is logged at the ISP level or it is also relayed back to the sender if they are a part of a feedback loop. A good way to reduce your spam complaints is to ensure that all of your subscribers are opt-in.

As volume picks up during the holiday season, so does the risk of deliverability issues. This increased volume can exacerbate any problems that may exist with the email database. And problems certainly exist today in many email databases. On average, U.S. organizations believe a quarter of the information in their database is inaccurate. This has led to many problems for organizations in the last 12 months, including spam trap hits, blacklisting and trouble reaching the inbox.

While 88% of organizations manage their email database in some way, it is important that information be validated and data management methods refreshed prior to the holiday season. Marketers should be sure to review opt-out requests, bad emails and inactive subscribers prior to the start of holiday campaigns. This will help improve some of the leading causes of deliverability issues.

Sending to inaccurate or inactive email addresses can have serious impacts on your email sender reputation. Be sure your email database is ready this holiday season before increased volumes.