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How to Make Big Money for a Small Email List

how to Make Big Money for a Small Email List

Every business owner knows that they must build an email list in order to make money, but did you know that even a small list can pull in big profits?  If your list is a bunch of subscribers who are engaged with you and plugged into your content they will want to receive your emails which means that you are more than halfway to profit already.  An important part of building a valuable list is to keep it clean with regular email hygiene…

What is email hygiene?  Simply put, it is the process of cleaning an email list so that every email address that remains on your subscriber list is valid and responsive.  There will be many types of email addresses on your list that should not be there, and you may not even be aware of these until you take a good look at your subscriber list.  Here are some examples of email addresses that need to be removed:

1. Fake email addresses 

addresses that do not exist – sometimes people try to sign up with these because they think they can grab your freebie by fooling you.  The truth is that your auto responder will flush them out and they will get nothing, but you get a fake address to plug up your list.

2. Unconfirmed subscribers 

these should be deleted because these are probably people who were hoping to get a freebie without having to sign up to another list.

3. Distribution email addresses

addresses where the email you send goes to more than one person – a whole department of people.  This is a spam complaint waiting to happen.

If your list is fairly small, you won’t have an issue cleaning it yourself, but as it grows you may find that you need some help with email list scrubbing services.  Don’t try to do it all yourself, it is far too much work and you have better things to do with your valuable time, like writing great content for your subscribers!

When you send out emails to your list, send them good and useful information that they cannot find anywhere else.  Let them in on your own little “secrets” and information that can help them to succeed or do whatever it is that you are promoting in your niche.  Your subscribers will grow to trust you and this is what you want – building a successful relationship with them.  Once you have the trust of your subscribers then you can suggest products to them or sell to them.  Keeping your list clean with a good email hygiene solution should be an important part of your business

Improving ROI with Email Hygiene

how to improve conversion rates in email marketing

What determines email marketing success?

There are many factors that determine the success of your email marketing campaign. You must get the right people to sign up. You need to provide engaging content. Your copy must catch the attention and appeal to your audience. You must segment your list so that you efforts are targeted. You must do all of these things consistently because conversion doesn’t happen overnight.

There’s an even more important factor from which everything hinges: a clean email list. It doesn’t matter how many of your customers subscribe, how good your content and copy are, or how efficiently targeted your list is—if your list is replete with bad and invalid addresses, your email marketing efforts will be negatively affected because your subscribers will not receive your email communication. After all, if your subscribers don’t receive your messages, how will you expect them to convert?

How does email hygiene improve conversion rates?

Your email list forms the foundation of your email marketing. And no, it’s not about merely building a long subscriber list. Sure, you want to reach as many of your customers as possible. But you want a good quality list or well-targeted subscribers.

Your email list hygiene affects your online reputation. Your online reputation, in turn, affects email deliverability.

ISPs look closely into your online reputation. ISPs are wary of spammers and will protect their subscribers from unwanted mail. If they deem your reputation suspicious or dubious, they are likely to block communication coming from you.

To ascertain your reputation, ISPs look into your bounce rate—that is, how many times your emails bounce back or are returned to you. If you have a relatively high bounce rate, they will consider you a spammer and limit, if not ban altogether, communication from you.

How do I ensure email hygiene?

Frequent email data scrubbing is key to email list hygiene. You need to look out for the following types of email addresses:

1.     Fake addresses. These addresses don’t exist and will increase your bounce rates.

2.     Spam traps. These addresses are essentially bait, used by ISPs to identify spammers.

3.     Addresses with typographical and syntax errors. Some typographical errors can be corrected by some email cleaning software, but addresses with syntax errors need to be removed.

4.     Role or department accounts. These are accounts that usually begin with sales@, webmaster@, info@ or something similar. They are not personal email addresses; they were created to receive specific types of mail.

Most if these addresses can be flagged and corrected or removed by email scrubbing software, so make sure that you include this important tool in your campaign.