Clean Grubby Email List

How to Clean a Grubby Email List

How to Clean a Grubby Email List

Keeping your email marketing list performing to its full potential requires taking steps to make sure that the leads on your list want to be there and that the email addresses you are sending to are good addresses.  Failing to do this can lead to an email list that is bogged down by inactive and bad addresses that hurt the ROI of your campaigns.  It can also damage your reputation with ISPs by generating spam complaints and high bounce rates.  Some tips for keeping your list clean on an ongoing basis, in conjunction with your email hygiene software, are listed below.

Remove Bad Addresses

Whether they have gone bad over time or are due to lax email validation policies in your lead acquisition process, it’s important to use an email address checker to identify and remove bad email addresses from your list on a regular basis to avoid damaging your standing with your ESP.  Check your bounceback reports for invalid addresses and run a duplicate address check as well to remove dupes from your list.

Remove Unsubscribes Promptly

A lead who doesn’t want to be on your list should be removed as soon as you receive their unsubscribe request.  Tardiness in removing them may cause some of your emails to be categorized as spam, hurting your sender reputation.

Look for Alias Addresses

These email addresses, such as sales@ and info@ often cause delivery failures as all the addresses associated with them may not have opted-in to receive your emails.  Remove these addresses from your list when you find them.

Attempt to Re-Engage Inactives

Leads that have not responded to any of your emails after a certain amount of time should be considered inactive and either deleted from your list or moved to an inactive file.  Before doing this, however, attempt to re-engage them by sending an email validation message designed to elicit a response, either by asking them to update their contact data or preferences or by offering them a special deal of some sort.

Segment Your List

In addition to making sure that your main list is focused on active contacts, you may also want to segment your list further by demographics, buying behavior, or some other metric.  This allows you to launch targeted campaigns to a customer base that is predisposed to look favorably on your offer.  By sending focused emails, you also are likely to cut down on unsubscribes and spam complaints, helping keep your sender reputation high as well as increasing potential conversions and sales from your campaigns.

3 Simple Ways to Improve Your Email List

how to Improve Email List

Email marketing has proven time and time again that is one of the best ways to reach prospective customers and influence their buying habits.  But this popularity means that you face some fierce competition when it comes to getting your message out via email. 

Email verification is important here, to ensure that your emails reach the intended recipient. Designing emails that are punchy and relevant is another crucial part of the process as well, in addition to developing your email list –no matter how strong your message may be, you need to get it in front of as many qualified prospects as possible to maximize the impact of your campaigns.  Some further ideas to help you build out your list can be found below.

1) Acquire personalized data

Building segmented lists that reflect desired demographic information such as age, location, and gender is a great way to increase the effectiveness of your campaigns.  Information about customer preferences when it comes to the products or services your company provides is also key to designing campaigns for high open and click-through rates.  This data can be difficult to acquire, given that consumers are typically not eager to provide such personalized data if they can avoid doing so.  One way to garner the data is to contact data enhancement providers that can use your email list to provide you with relevant demographic data as well as behavioral data in regards to customer buying habits.

2) Utilize email append services  

While mailings have continued to decline in popularity with marketers as consumers increasingly look online and to email for purchasing information, if you have lists based on mailing addresses these can be mined for emails.  An email append provider will use your list of mailing addresses to locate valid email addresses associated with the individual at the relevant address and send out email opt-in requests allowing prospective customers to sign-up to receive your emails.

3) Scrub your list

  Given all the automation involved, it is highly likely that your email list will contain errors of one form or the other that prevent your emails from reaching their intended recipient.  This has the effect of increasing bounce rates and spam folder redirects.  As a result, it makes sense to utilize email list scrubbing services to periodically check your list for bad addresses, and either correct them or remove them from your list.