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The Quick Wins of ListWise

The Quick Wins of ListWise

To any successful email marketer, an email list-cleaning engine is key. ListWise is the world’s simplest email list-cleaning solution adding value to email marketers across the globe. Through analyzing the results of hundreds of millions of email addresses, ListWise was designed to be more powerful than ever.

 In email marketing today, the work of email list-cleaning software helps prevent spam traps, the duplication of emails, typo fixing, and bounce-backs – ListWise fixes these faults, and so much more. It’s due to this reason that ListWise is considered to be the secret weapon behind every successful email marketer, separating the wheat from the chaff. Due to its simplicity, power and brilliance, the benefits of ListWise to any email marketer are vast:

1. Spam Trap Indicators

With the new improved product, ListWise now removes spam traps whilst cleaning email lists. A key investment within ListWise was that of placing resources to assist marketers in escaping the ‘spam trap’.  Checking against 58,989,323 potential traps, ListWise gives your list the greatest chance of being cleaned with accuracy and efficiency.               

In saying this, there are millions of suspected spam traps across the globe making it highly unlikely for any email list-cleaning software to be able to detect and remove all of them. Realizing this fact has meant that at ListWise, we don’t boast about having a 100% spam trap free solution, instead we promise our product cleans lists better, faster and cheaper than anyone else on the planet.

2. Clean Data = Clean Marketing

For the majority of bulk marketers, those who send high volumes of emails for campaigns etc. know the value of decent, clean data. In terms of ListWise, the data cleaning is done through our global network allowing ListWise to reference your data against known bounced emails and spam traps. By doing this, ListWise essentially allows for a surefire clean list. ListWise does this by separating the ‘clean’, ‘invalid’, ‘duplicates’ and ‘bounces’ off your email list so you have a complete breakdown and can download the valid addresses. In doing this, ListWise allows Email Marketers the element of time and clean marketing through removing unnecessary hassles like ‘bounce-backs’.

3. Extra Accurate Emails

ListWise offers customers the quick win of producing extra accurate emails. With delivering high volumes of mail across freemail ISPs being a persistent challenge, ListWise gives email senders a breakdown of the numbers and percentages of freemail addresses in your list. In so doing, this allows bulk senders to develop strategic game plans to cater to particular ISPs.

Accordingly, it goes without saying that the quality of your email lists go hand-in-hand with the quality of responses you receive from your marketing campaigns. By sending to clean email addresses, your ISP rejections are kept relatively low ensuring a consistent, long-term inbox delivery rate across all major ISPs.

4. Precision Automatic typo-fixing

Typos are a common mistake in many areas of the digital world. Yet, one minor typo when opting-in via a web form on a website can amount to major discrepancies within a bulk marketing campaign. For email marketers, ListWise fixes the most common typos for you. This is generally the missing ‘@’ symbol and incorrect domain names, allowing for flexibility within any email marketing campaign. 

These Quick Wins of ListWise work hand-in-hand when producing successful high volume email-marketing campaigns. The simplicity, power and brilliance of ListWise proves it helps sustain campaigns while allowing email marketers luxuries such as time, clean data and reliable email lists. 

Effective Emails Marketers AREN’T Sending

Effective Emails Marketers

If anything, 2020 is probably the best time for a small or medium business to really shift gears and understand how best to use the tools available to them in order to take their brands to newer heights. As always, the customer should always be your primary focus, the point to understand how to best train your employees, restructure your product and use the right technology collectively to ensure that your customer’s experience with your brand is that much better in the upcoming New Year.

While your various departments are probably well into putting their 2020 plans together for you, it may be good to create a single page document that ensures that everyone is literally on the same page and your plans have a far more integrated approach than before. You need to be able to define your corporate vision in a manner that will ensure this will happen so that all areas of your business know where to focus. Here are a few areas that your single page vision should ideally include:


you need to clearly define what you are trying to reach at the end of your plan so that your teams can work backwards to ensure that these objectives are met.


what is your corporate and business culture? How would you like this culture and atmosphere translated into the way you do business with all your external stakeholders? There is no point in claiming a culture that others outside your organization don’t see.


what is your overall corporate mission? Not just in terms of the upcoming year of your planning cycle but in larger terms. Defining this will allow a lot of departments’ plans to fall into place from a far more strategic and visionary perspective.


the evolving consumer needs further definition in 2020 so ensure you clearly and expansively define your markets, segmenting them as far as possible to ensure that the correct strategies and tactics can be applied based on the various types of people you want doing business with you. Define your current customers and your potential ones because retention is as important as new acquisitions and budgets need to be allocated for both groups accordingly.


Irrespective of the various promotions and campaigns you plan to be implementing throughout the year, it is essential that each of these carry the same message or perspective. This enables your audiences to know who you are where you coming from at all times. Ensure that each of your activities is designed in such a manner that this message is continuously enforced throughout the year.